Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mentally Trouble? There is Help!

Mentally Trouble? There is Help!

Is there something mentally that is troubling you? There is help for you. The hardest hurdle is in admitting to yourself that you have a problem then face all those people you think will look down on you. Mental Health is something that we as American's do not take seriously enough. Sadly many times the families of some of these at-risk people would tell them to just get over it. I don't know if the family is just afraid of the stigma that's attached by some to mental problems or just can't wrap their heads around the fact that a family member might have a real problem. 

The tips I would tell you would be to watch for any changes in your family members. Stop letting all that freedom you seem to think you owe your child rule your invading tactics. You are parents and invading their space is your job. 

If you are a young person feeling anger seek help before you seek weapons. There is no shame in anger or depression there is shame in killing innocent people.